DMV Certified Examiners

Effective May 21, 2014, commercial truck drivers can no longer get a Wisconsin DOT exam performed, for their CDL (commercial drivers license), by their general practitioner, internal medicine physician, chiropractor or other provider. Truck drivers will now have to use a DMV Certified Medical Examiner for this exam.

Dr. Nash Stevanovic has been trained, tested and certified to perform medical examinations for commercial truck drivers in interstate commerce.  As a certified medical examiner, we fully understand the medical standards in the FMCSA Regulations, related guidance and how they relate to the medical demands of operating a commercial motor vehicle. We maintain ongoing competency through training, testing, certification and recertification. We also promote public confidence in the quality of our medical examinations of CMV truck drivers.

To learn more or to schedule your appointment for an exam, contact us at 414-546-8000.