Clinical Services


Stevanovic Family Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic providing outpatient evaluation and treatment services in a wide variety of areas. We have been providing services to Southeastern Wisconsin and surrounding areas since 2005. In caring for your needs, Stevanovic Family Clinic provides a small staff of experienced professionals skilled in performing Annual physical exams, Well child exams, Spirometry, Gynecological PAP and Breast exams, DOT physicals, Sleep apnea monitoring, Immigration and disability exams, Ambulatory surgery, Cosmetic procedures, Diabetic education, Weight loss Clinic, Chemical peels, Urine drug testing, Continuous subcutaneous glucose monitor, Ambulatory services and more. These services help us to produce a timely and efficient diagnoses for all our patients. Highlighted below are additional clinical services we offer and Stevanovic Family Clinic.

Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography, or computerized X-rays, is part of the high-tech services that we provide to our patients. This process of taking X-rays is more comfortable for patients and more efficient for our staff. Another benefit is time savings. There’s no waiting.


Our testing facilities have qualified staff available to perform routine EKG’s. An EKG is a painless routine test done to check the electrical impulses that the heart produces. The EKG machine captures the information and prints out a reading of your heart.


An echocardiogram creates a clear image of the heart by using high frequency sound waves. Our doctors can then use these images to accurately diagnose and make clinical decisions. We offer several types of echocardiograms that present different perspectives of the heart.

Physical Therapy

We provide a broad spectrum of outpatient physical therapy treatment. Our programs are designed to work on motion/balance issues and educate the patient with the knowledge of which stretches and exercises get them out of pain for the long-term.

UVB Photo Light

UVB Photo Light Therapy involves standing in a light box, a closed-in cubicle which is lined with ultraviolet lights. In the beginning, treatment sessions may last around 30 seconds. Treatment times slowly increase, depending on patient tolerance and skin disease being treated.


Urodynamic studies evaluate dysfunctions of the lower urinary tract. We provide you with a detailed urodynamic interpretation report with treatment recommendations for each patient. These comprehensive tests provide patients with effective treatment options.


Our facility is equipped with an In-House Laboratory that allows our doctors to quickly perform diagnostic tests on a variety of body fluids (ear swabs, blood, urine, etc) and other samples to achieve an accurate and rapid diagnosis.

Holter Monitor

A prolonged type of EKG tracing called a Holter monitor, provides us with a better opportunity to capture any abnormal heartbeats or rhythms that may be causing your symptoms. The recorder keeps a diary of your activities.


At Stevanovic Family Clinic we offer pulmonary function tests a series of five tests that measure lung function. These tests provide information about the amount of air a person’s lungs can hold, and how effectively the lungs work.

Ultra Sound

Sound waves can be used to penetrate the skin to heal injured joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our Ultrasound therapy can relieve pain and reduce swelling and inflammation. We implement diagnostic therapy for all parts of body including thyroid, neck, abdomen and pelvis.

Nerve Conduction

Nerve conduction studies give us detailed information about a patient’s nerves. First, we tape patches on bare skin over each muscle or nerve that is causing symptoms. The electrical activity within your nerves is then displayed on a computer screen for us to analyze.

Electrical Stimulation

For this procedure we apply electrical current to cause a contraction in a muscle, tendon or ligament to strengthen it and help it heal. The result is a relaxing treatment that not only reduces pain in the injured muscle, but also decreases inflammation and swelling.